Reporting Bugs & Errors: Here or Soulforge?

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Reporting Bugs & Errors: Here or Soulforge?

Post by KevinSig »

Just wondering where we should be reporting errors. I mean, is Soulforge being completely discontinued, or are the links on the main page an indication that it will continue for purposes of error reporting.

I have to admit, while Soulforge wasn't the best forums board, it was pretty good in terms of organizing & keeping track of bugs & errors. Plus, even if people use the search before they make their posts, there's no guarantee that a duplicate post isn't created.

Still I'd like a confirmation on this, and I suggest something about this should be added to either the forum rules, or itself be stickied. I say this, because there seems to be a general explosion of people thinking they should air specific problems in their respective forums, expecting the problem to be addressed.

I mean, if you check out the PocketPC forum, you'll find at lease two threads devoted to the acidental removal of the Key Mapper feature from ScummVM Pocket.

(And I know the FAQ says to use Soulforge, but it also looks like the same FAQ that existed prior to the notice that we wouldn't be using the Soulforge forums any more. So I still wouldn't mind clarification.)
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Post by Ender »

Bugs should still be reported using the bug trackers. We're still using SourceForge for everything but the new forums.
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