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Neo Geo
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Ayuda con suse

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Tengo SUSE 10.1 y no se manejarlo muy bien, queria saber si me pueden dar un texto explicativo para poder instalarlo. Espero k entiendan el español, chau grax!!
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chili con cane
chili con carne
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well... it means

"I have Suse 10.1 and I dont know how to work with it very well, I wanted to know if you can give me some tutorial so I can install it(*). Hope you understand spanish, bye and thanks

* It. Well.. I dont know if he refers to running Scummvm on Linux (cause I dont know if Scummvm has a linux version) or if he needs help installing Linux itself :lol:

Well... I hope I helped... I guess the guy doesnt know english very well...
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