Curse of Monkey Island trouble

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Curse of Monkey Island trouble

Post by MorteTheSkull »

I can't seem to add it to Scummvm as a game. It's installed onto my computer and can run, but sound is screwy and it freezes a lot. I figured Scummvm would fix this problem since it's what I used for the first two games, and people have said they run Curse in Scummvm as well. But when I select the folder the application is in, it just gives me the message that there's no game in the folder. Should I be trying to add the disk images to Scummvm or should I be trying to add the actual game application?(neither seems to work, though, same message both ways).

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Post by Adventureguy »

You don't have to install the game, you just have to copy the RESOURCE folder and the COMI.LA0, COMI.LA1 and COMI.LA2 files from both CDs to a folder at your harddrive. Then you can get your game started, that's it.

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Post by MorteTheSkull »

err, what exactly do you mean by the "resource folder"?

edit: You know, on second thought this was probably the wrong place to come, I neglected to mention I don't have the game and am trying to emulate it, and upon reading the rules have noticed that stuff like that shouldn't be discussed here. It's cool, I'll find my answer somewhere else.

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Post by sasa89 »

on both CDs there is a folder called 'Resource'. ;)

i'll quote now a text-part from SirDave's tutorial:
SirDave wrote:First, from Disk1, transfer files Comi.la0, Comi.la1 and the
directory: Resource (The Resource directory contains all
video, music and voice files.) into a directory named, comi, that
you created in your main PocketScumm directory. (Note that it will
probably be easier to create a directory 'comi' somewhere on your
computer and transfer it to the PocketScumm directory when, after
following the directions below, it is complete.)
Next, from Disk2, transfer over the file: comi.la2 to the
directory 'comi'. You will notice that a Resource directory is also
present on Disk2, but it contains some duplicate files that were
in the Resource directory on Disk1. It's easiest simply to
select (highlight) all the files in the Disk2 Resource
directory and copy them over to the Resource directory that
is already present in your com1 directory.
Just say 'No to All' when you are asked if you want to replace
the files that are already present.

At this point, in the directory, 'comi', you should have a
directory called 'Resource' and the files, Comi.la0, Comi.la1,
Comi.la2. The final 'Resource' directory should contain 25 files:
4 'BUN' files, 5 'NUT' files, 15 'SAN' files and 1 'TAB' file.
you can find the whole tut there:

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