problem with ScummVM Tools 2.1.0

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problem with ScummVM Tools 2.1.0

Post by pucci »

my system:
Windows 10 x64
ScummVM daily build 30/08/2020 (tested also with latest official release)
ScummVM Tools official release 2.1.0

if i use Zak V1 Commodore 64 version with disk in D64 format --> game works
if i use ScummVM Tools to extract LFL from the same D64 disk --> game doesn't work (ERROR: cannot read resource!)

this are CRC32 of the two disk:
Zak1.d64 size 174848 crc32 0efadb0a
Zak2.d64 size 174848 crc32 efbf3fd6

same problem with Maniac Mansion C64