Living Books: New Kid on the Block - issue

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Living Books: New Kid on the Block - issue

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I have the Macintosh version of the New Kid on the Block and am having an issue with it. When selecting the "read to me" option for any of the poems that are more than one page long, they do not display correctly. The 1st page has the text displayed and highlights the words as the narrator reads them, but when page 2 starts, the narrator continues correctly but the text does not advance, you always only see the fist page of text.

If you select the "let me play" option and manually turn the pages, they display correctly.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with ScummVM or if it has to do with the needed files as it's the first time I've had to extract files from a Macintosh CD. (though I think I have all the files as per the "required data files" page.

Can anyone confirm if it's an issue with ScummVM or my files. I've tested this on the 2.1.1 version for the Windows, Mac and Android builds, all with the same results.
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