Daily builds/Local builds optimizations

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Daily builds/Local builds optimizations

Post by Raziel »

Just a quick question about optimizations.

They aren't build with optimizations (--enable-optimizations) as far as i know.
Does it mean that debug information will get cut from the binary if one chooses to build a local build (debug, non-release) with optimizations on, or could i use the speedup from optimizations with debug a build as well?

The reason for my inquiry is that i have two engines (Starship Titanic and zork) that profit extraordinary from optimizations. Up to the point where Starship Titanic becomes playable, while with a non-optimized debug build it's a dia show.
Zork is only affected when i want to play the enhanced DVD release of Grand Inquisitor (which uses liba52)

Do i still have a worthy debug build with optimizations enabled?

Thank you very much

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