Broken Sword 1 - replacing files

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Broken Sword 1 - replacing files

Post by eMTe »

Sorry if it has been asked tens of times, but I've read various help topics and I couldnt find a clear answer. Maybe because people normally only report trouble, while I don't have trouble, I want to avoid them.

Apart from renaming specch.clu files am I free to replace ALL FILES FROM REMAINING FOLDERS? Like, if I replace random let's say 1m45.wav file from cd1 with the similar cd2 file will I hear motor car instead of water dripping sometime later in the game or they are the exact wav files?

I have just overwritten everything in clusters, music, smackshi and smackslo folders, clicking ok for all. So I just need to be sure that it's ok and there are no known issues of different sounds on both cds, but having same filenames.

Also, there's 2m29.wav filename popping up in some discussions, but I don't know why is it special?

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Re: Broken Sword 1 - replacing files

Post by Raziel »

Take a look at the Documentation/Game DataFiles/BrokenSword 1 section

MUSIC folder (Except 2M29.WAV in CD2)
SPEECH folder
Rename speech.clu on CD1 to speech1.clu
Rename speech.clu on CD2 to speech2.clu
Funny...i don't even have a 1m45.wav on my "Sold Out" CDs.

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Re: Broken Sword 1 - replacing files

Post by criezy »

Other than the speech.clu file that you need to rename, the other files that appear with the same name on both CDs should be identical, so you can use the one from either CD (e.g. either replace or not the file when copying from the second CD). The 2M29.WAV is indeed an exception though. It is the same piece of music but it is slightly different. The one on disc one is about twice the size of the one on disc two because it uses a higher sample rate, so it should sound a bit better. This is why we recommend using the one from the first CD.

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