Keyboard access on launcher (and RTL menu) buttons

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Keyboard access on launcher (and RTL menu) buttons

Post by Raziel »

This is just a question, since it bites me now and again (especially when playing parser driven games where i not really hold the mouse the whole time).

Was it ever considered to make the launcher (and RTL menu) buttons keyboard aware?
So that one could access them by pressing (i.e.) the up and down cursor keys and ENTER for access?

I don't know if the theme engine itself is even able to manage that, but it would be a nice addition, small, but very conveniant.

Especially in the light of the upcoming glk engine(s)...iiuc one doesn't really need the mouse at all, just with early Sierra and AGI games (probably only to access the in-game menu, but that's about it).

And yes, i know that launcher and RTL menu are supposed to be mouse driven, so, just asking...

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