Win98SE (ScummVM 1.8.0) No MT-32 or MIDI

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Win98SE (ScummVM 1.8.0) No MT-32 or MIDI

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Dear all,
On my Win7 machine, I was able to copy the ROM files and ScummVM 2.0 can produce MT-32 and MIDI music (I also copied some soundfonts into its folder).

On my real retro Win98SE machine (PIII-800), ScummVM 2.1.0 (Windows 95/98/ME Installer), does not emulate MT-32 or MIDI music.

I followed this guide in order to make sure I have the ROMs placed the proper path: ... MT-32_ROMs

- PIII-800E
- Abit BH-6
- 256MB SD-RAM PC100
- AWE64 Gold
- Sound Canvas 55 MKII
- MUNT (emulating MT-32 on a separate Win7 Intel laptop)
- SoftMPU
- Roland UM-ONE mk2 (USB MIDI adapter)
- Windows 98SE (using PhilsComputerLab *pure* DOS option to play, and launch 1998-1993 games from a DOS prompt)

I just instead the Windows 95/98/ME Installer, and although I have the four ROM files (MT32_CONTROL.ROM and MT32_PCM.ROM, as well as CM32L_CONTROL.ROM and CM32L_PCM.ROM) when I run a game (Indy and Fate of Atlantis for example, I get the:

"The MT-32 emulator requires on of the two following files sets (not bundled with ScummVM):Either..." error message!

Installed the 32bit or 64bit version of ScummVM 2.1.0, on my Win7 x64 machine, and place the ROMs in the exact path (same as Win98SE), and MT-32 and MIDI music works perfect!

A limitation under Win98SE?

Please help!

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