GK2 BRASOFT The Beast Within

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GK2 BRASOFT The Beast Within

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Hi everybody !!
I am contacting you because I want to resuscitate
a old version of the game Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within.
This is a extremely rare Brasilian version (Developed by BRASOFT).


This version include the subtiles ! (No additional patch is needed.)
The subtiles is automatically displayed in the, cutscenes, dialogues, etcetera.
The game has been successfully tested with DOSBox.

The game is compatible with ScummVM 2.0.
The voices and the videos are in English.
The texts and the pictures are in Portugues.
(It is easy to change the portugese subtitles by the english
subtitles, is also simple and quick for the pictures)
"But the subtitles does not display with ScummVM.
Only with DOSBox for the moment."

Thank you for your attention and I hope
I have instilled a desire... It's a nice project and a good start.

I place at your disposal 6 CD ISO.

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