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Post by Raziel »

I have a question regarding the new file.

The raw/text version of said file has many of it's TOC links cut and moved into the following line, which makes it pretty hard to parse and convert to other formats (on platforms where .md is not really supported).

- [3.6.3) Broken Sword games
- [3.6.4) Broken Sword games cutscenes, in

- [3.9) Flight of the Amazon Queen

- [3.11) Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb
- [3.12) Mickey's Space Adventure
- [3.13) Might and Magic Xeen games

and many more.

Is it technically possible to put those cut lines back together again (in the RAW version of the file)?
I suspect there is a maximum line length where some progress simply rolls the line over to the next one, maybe this line length can be increased?

I'd like to adapt my Amigaguide converter to the new format, but with that many "broken" lines it's just too much hassle.

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