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Return to Zork FM-TOWNS ScummVM detection

Post by Thpwg » Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:17 pm

Hi everybody !!
I am a new member and I wish to participate ...
Finally, to the extent possible :roll:
And that, despite my elementary level in English :oops:

I have the Japanese FM-TOWNS version of the Return to Zork game.
It works under ScummVM, no problem, ScummVM detected it immediately!
It seems that we have a collision here... the file
has the same md5 of the first 5000 bytes and the same size
as the English CD v1.0 version.
It turns out there's three other rtzcd.dat files on the disc
(an rtzcd.dat is also in
One in the base directory, one in the "RTZFM"
directory and one in the "RTZ9821" directory.
Turns out the one in the base directory is for
DOS, RTZFM for FM-Towns and RTZ9821 for PC-98.

The dectection is incorrect :
Normally, it should read : Return to Zork (FM-TOWNS/Japanese)

My question is as follows :
How to add the correct detection in ScummVM dashboard ?
Can you help me :idea: I don't really know !

:arrow: Thank you in advance for your answer.

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