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Compiler warnings

Post by Raziel »

I recently switched to gcc 8.1 and now a whole lot of these warnings pop up

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    C++      engines/scumm/actor.o
engines/scumm/actor.cpp: In member function 'virtual void Scumm::Actor::initActor(int)':
engines/scumm/actor.cpp:162:46: warning: 'void* memset(void*, int, size_t)' clearing an object of non-trivial type 'struct Scumm::Actor::ActorWalkData'; use assignment or value-initialization instead [-Wclass-memaccess]
   memset(&_walkdata, 0, sizeof(ActorWalkData));
In file included from engines/scumm/actor.cpp:25:
./engines/scumm/actor.h:141:9: note: 'struct Scumm::Actor::ActorWalkData' declared here
  struct ActorWalkData {
all over the place in nearly every engine...should i worry?
(Anything that has to do with mem worries me, my platform is rather shaky when it comes to mem)

If needed i can gather and put them into a bug item?
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