Gamepad/Joystick character movement in early Sierra games?

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Gamepad/Joystick character movement in early Sierra games?

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Something I couldn't figure out for some time now is using my gamepad for character movement in old Sierra titles like in SQ1/SQ2/KQ1-3/Conquest of Camelot etc. within Scummvm.
These are the only games supported in ScummVM that offered joystick character control AFAIK, but it doesn't seem to be working in Scummvm right now.

I understand I can edit the scummvm.ini file for joystick support, but the gamepad just emulates mouse movement then, that's not what I want.

Back in those days I used to play these titles on Amiga, and there was no problem with joystick control of the main characters (Not so sure about PC versions, though).

I can use the arrow keys in these games to move the protagonist, but the game character just continues to move on when one direction key is pressed once, so mapping those keys to my pad doesn't work as good as it should.

I messed around a bit with XPadder to set an automatic release button after gamepad movement, setting the D-PAD directions to the arrow keys. It works to a degree, but with diagonal movement it just messes up, it's too unreliable and can lead to unwanted moves (which can kill you in a second in those games...)

Am I missing anything here and what I describe is already possible? I went through the support forums for ScummVM for a while now and didn't find anything.

If it doesn't work now, is it possible for a future release of Scummvm?
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