ScumVM 2.0.0. OSX 10.13.2 Theme-Bug

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ScumVM 2.0.0. OSX 10.13.2 Theme-Bug

Post by BummsGeordy »


With ScummVM 2.0.0 - I cannot change the Theme. There are 3 Themes:
- ScummVM Classic Theme (Builtin Version)
- ScummVM Classic Theme
- ScummVM Modern Theme

if I try to change it - the Error Code ("Theme does not support selected language! Misc Settings will be restored.") appears. GUILanguage is set to English. even if I set it to "default" it doesn't let me change the theme.

Any workarounds or ideas?

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Post by criezy »

I have no idea what the problem could be. Changing the theme works well for me with the language set to English, Default, or French on macOS 10.12. Did you check if you have errors in the ScummVM log file (/Users/yourname/Library/Logs/scummvm.log where you need to replace yourname with your login name)?

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Post by Raziel »

Sorry for resurrecting such an old thread, but i stumbled over this behaviour myself.

I was trying to build a custom theme and had the together with the same unpacked (and altered) scummvmmodern/ directory in the theme path.
(The only alteration was some comments insode the directory's .xml files, so no changes to the theme itself)

Having both there seems to make ScummVM lose focus on which theme to read from, i guess.

Removing the scummvmmodern/ directory made the error go away

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