Failed to open IMF.DRV!

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Chilly Willy
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Failed to open IMF.DRV!

Post by Chilly Willy »

If I select my Yamaha sound card as an audio option, it fails to load the IMF.DRV. Using it as MIDI is fine. Is this normal or is there a fix?

EDIT: I think the IMF.DRV was only supported by some games? Still looking into it.

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ScummVM Developer
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Post by snover »

If there are some games with an option for Yamaha FB-01 which fail in the manner you are describing, please open a ticket on the bug tracker and provide all of the information requested on that page. It is “normal” to see this error in games that didn’t actually support the FB-01, but which accidentally have that option shown in ScummVM.

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