Urban Runner Engine Bug or Game Bug?

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Urban Runner Engine Bug or Game Bug?

Post by amoibos »

In the game i can switch between the two characters Adda and the guy. This is very late in the game hopefully somebody played it. When the one is on the cemetry(with the Dr.) and Adda is in the garden from Dr. I have to search the cameras but there is a time limit because i forgot to damage the doctors car. But when i switch between the two character only items and messages from Adda are available also when the player isn't Adda. I have no savepoint to get back so this is a dead end for me.
Is this a bug in the engine or an issue in the game design?

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Post by DrMcCoy »

That sounds very much like a script bug, unfortunately.

The scripts at that point in the game have some timing-related issues, and are prone to break when doing some things at inopportune points in time. This also makes these issues quite hard to debug and work around.

If you have no save at an earlier point in time, then I'm afraid you are out of luck and will have to restart. Sorry. :/

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