Speed issues with apple IIgs?

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Speed issues with apple IIgs?

Post by balpat »

Hey everyone!

I recently aquired a couple of old AGI Sierra game for Apple IIgs. I've realized that ScummVM is able to play them.
So I copied everything over and everything seems to work flawlessly.

Thanks so far!

However, the games seem to be a bit too fast. AM I doing something wrong?
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Post by digitall »

Probably not. The ScummVM AGI engine has a number of open bugs:

This may be another one... I suggest you file a formal bug on the tracker with full details and we will investigate in time:

Ensure that you give your Operating System, version of ScummVM, AGI IIgs game names and attach a savegame and/or file listing of your datafiles to aid the AGI developers in replication and investigation.
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