Behind the Developer's Shield

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Behind the Developer's Shield

Post by scoriae »

I have a few versions of the King's Quest Collection, as well as the Roberta Williams Anthology. In looking at the SVN games, I decided to pull the files for King's Question, inside the Chest, and behind the Shield.

Behind the Shield appears to reside in the same folder as Inside the Chest, however when called via batch file the shield.cfg file tells it to patch files over to run Behind the Shield rather than Inside the Chest (presumably they use a lot of similar assets?)

I have tried copying the patch files into the folder, but ScummVM still recognizes the folder as "Inside the Chest". So i removed the chest files, but then it still recognized it this way. A few tests indicate it determines the games name from the resource file.

Realizing that the batch file over rides the resource.cfg file with the shield.cfg file, I renamed the shield.cfg to resource.cfg, but still the same issue.

What files do i use to get scummvm to recognize "Behind the Developer's Shield"?


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Post by Collector »

I split the two out with my collections installers, but they use DOSBox. ScummVM does not recognize any game data in it, even though it starts right up in DOSBox.

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Post by scoriae »

I guess since the game is individually listed on the game engines page, I assumed that ScummVM would recognize it.

Considering how screwed up it acts when trying to run inside the Chest though, it is obviously a ways off.

Thanks for the input. I was hoping you of all people would see my post.

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Re: Behind the Developer's Shield

Post by m_kiewitz »

scoriae wrote:What files do i use to get scummvm to recognize "Behind the Developer's Shield"?
You were right when you copied both directories together. That's what effectively the Sierra interpreter is doing internally.

It won't get detected as "Behind the developer's shield", because it's still the same base files as "Inside the chest" and those are used for detecting the game. The patch directory changes 2 scripts, which are possibly responsible for displaying the different content.

But anyway those are SCI32 and aren't supported atm. That's also why there are graphical glitches etc.

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