Teen Agent in CZ

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Teen Agent in CZ

Post by Les »

Hello All. Just a small question about the Teen agent. I have the czech version of TeenAgent, which runs normaly without any problem in Dosbox with CZ subtitles. Scummvm display in the same version eng. text. Is there any possibility to switch text in the game to CZ? I tried the version on latest build and on 1.6 version but, with the same output. Thanks for reply.
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Post by digitall »


I have done some work on the Teenagent engine and it may be possible to add support for languages other than English, but this would involve locating the Czech and Polish freeware releases and GOG only has the English language release.

I can only suggest that you open a support request at GOG to provide the other language variants of Teenagent. We then _may_ be able to add these in the future... but it will take some time even then. Hope this helps.
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Re: Teen Agent in CZ

Post by hugo »

As a matter of fact, Vochozka trading (albeit now disfunct) has continuity in game dev studio Hangar 13 (through line of companies Illusion softworks -> 2K Czech -> 2K -> Hangar 13). So one possible way to ask is at Hangar 13.

Anyway if I am mistaken not, author of the Czech transaltion was Andrej "Andrew" Anastasov.
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