Using a Big Soundfont problem

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Using a Big Soundfont problem

Post by ancalimonungol »

I'm trying a big soundfont with fluidsynth option but when I try to load for example Fate Of Atlantis 4, nothing happens and ScummVM simply exits. I have other small soundfonts and they all work.

Is it because the soundfont is very large? (I have 8GB ram so I guess that's not the problem.. Or is it?

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Post by digitall »


Firstly, what version of ScummVM are you using? 1.6.0 stable release?

Secondly, on what Operating System are you using it? ie. Win32, OSX, Linux etc.

Thirdly, if the Soundfont is freely available legally, then please link to it. If not, then at least name the font.

Fourthly, please try running ScummVM from a command line window, so that you can see any errors or warnings that are emitted when ScummVM exits.. It is probable that a error or warning is occuring.

Fifthly, please try running this with the latest development master nightly build from:
and confirm if the error still occurs with the latest build...

After we have answers to these questions, we can start to work out what is the cause of this and fix...

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Post by webfischi »

I have the same problem, wondering this post is that old. I use ScummVM Stable, Windows 10 64 Bit with 16 GB of RAM. I was trying the original Musyng soundfont with 1.7GB uncrompressed .sf2 file. Musyng Kite (990MB) worked fine but it was still missing sounds in 'Castle of Dr. Brain' of course I could use MT32 emulation on PC, but the Android Port is still missing MT32. I just get the error 'Failed loading custom sound font'
Or somebody already found a smaller soundfont with the missing instruments.
Both Downloads for Kite and the full Version are available on the onedrive page of the creator

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