scumm is out of range (??)

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scumm is out of range (??)

Post by Elisa »

Hi, I'm an Italian fan of games like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island!
I've just downloaded the latest version of SCUMMVM to play BASS. Unfortunately, when I double click on the SCUMM icon to run it, my screen becomes completely black and the notice 'out of range' appears. After that, I can't do anything but press esc to close everything down.
I already had an older version of SCUMM and it used to be ok, but now, after having installed the new version, even the old one seems to have the same problem... :( :(
Does someone know what this means and how I can fix it?
I've Windows 2000 and an LCD screen (perhaps this information can be useful...)
Thank you all in advance,

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Out of Range

Post by MartNick »


Some LCD monitors run at 60 Hertz screen refresh rate.

Try changing the setting to 75 Hertz in Control Panel/Display

Hope this helps

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Post by clem »

in the meantime, try running it in a window (alt-enter to switch)
I think the hz thing only applies to fullscreen

you could also try deleting/moving C:\windows\scummvm.ini and setting up BASS again

hope that helps,

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Post by joachimeberhard »

If everything else fails, delete the file C:\Windows\scummvm.ini

That definitely helps as a last resort.



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