King's Quest V 0.000.062 patch for corrupt Resource.001

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King's Quest V 0.000.062 patch for corrupt Resource.001

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The article mentions copying files from the CD version or floppy 0.000.51 to fix the corrupt Resource.001 on the floppy version 0.000.062. However, some of the files were changed in between 0.000.51 and 0.000.062 and the CD version does not have the same midi files.

Why not have an 8 KB patch for resource.001? 8)

Use xdelta3 to patch ... ix.xdelta3

kq5_062_fix.xdelta3 (7,634 bytes)
CRC32: DB8A6594
MD5: 8BC7E811F9C2FA6E76F781508B45E1D7
SHA-1: 892DFF678551E6E9CBA974C0CFD1FB00FE84E1AC

Resource.001 needing patch:
CRC32: 867A5563
MD5: 3FCCFA5FF0C4B4969E4C311A35C2A7B6
SHA-1: 5E4CA2FA2585045CC38983E966CA6DCDB37ABD40

Resource.001 after patch:
CRC32: B5540861
MD5: 9CF5C4E9181E07039F59A31298388BC0
SHA-1: EFBD44EA851F9549F492EECE4689D0469BE16E89
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