Broken Sword 1 graphics.

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Broken Sword 1 graphics.

Post by eskomorko »

Why are graphics in Broken Sword so bad. I dont remember them being so bad alltough this game is ten years old. Especially the videos (the ones which scummvm team has reencoded) are quite pixelated and crappy. I looked the screenshots from scumm website and in those pictures the graphics are crisp and clear.

I'm running scummvm on linux. My screen resolution is 1600x1200. I've tried different graphics options from scummvm options, but without a result. Is anyone else having problems with pixelating???

Thanks for help.

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Post by clem »

do you have screenshots?

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Post by eskomorko »

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Post by Jimbob »

eskomorko wrote:Here.
* Snipped *

As you can see they are quite poor quality. In fullsscreen its times ten worse. I compared to these ... =0&view=-1 screenshots from scummvm website, and those are much better looking.
I think you will find these are in game shots, the screens you posted are from the movies .... that's why they are different quality.

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Post by Kirben »

The Smacker format of the original video files provided much better video quality, but unfortunataly we are unable to support that format.
The replacement video files used in ScummVM are in MPEG-2 format and based off those Smacker video files.

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