Scumm on PC - Cannot get true fullscreen mode - please help!

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Scumm on PC - Cannot get true fullscreen mode - please help!

Post by Patrick »

Hello everyone

I'm new here and am please looking for some help with this emulator if anyone has time.

I am playing on Windows 7 64 bit, Scumm Version 1.205, good PC spec, Nvidia graphics card.

I cannot get this emulator to run in true full screen. It's very frustrating as everything else is working perfectly yet I am forced to play in a small window with either my pc desktop background or a black background, the black background being described as 'fullscreen' by the emulator, erroneously in my opinion.

The emulator does allow me to increase the window size to 3x normal, but this still isn't close to filling my monitor like the other emulators I use, and as I've said, the fullscreen option simply puts a black background behind the game window - not good!!

I have searched the net and tinkered extensively with the emulator settings but to no avail. This emulator seems very popular and I can't believe that it could be so if everyone playing had the restriction I've mentioned... either I'm doing something wrong or am missing something glaringly obvious...

Can anyone please help?

Cheers :)

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Post by eriktorbjorn »

At the moment, ScummVM only supports stretching an image from 320x200 to 320x240 (or 640x400 to 640x480) and scaling 2 or 3 times. Fullscreen mode should then use the smallest available screen resolution that the resulting image will fit inside.

So on my current monitor, if I were to play a game like Day of the Tentacle, which has a native resolution of 320x200 pixels, I could use a 2x scaler to make that 640x400 pixels. My monitor supports 640x480 pixels (I do not have a widescreen monitor), so I get black borders at the top and bottom. If I also use "aspect ratio correction", the image is stretched to 640x480 pixels so it fills the entire screen.

However, if I use a 3x scaler the image becomes either 960x600 or 960x720 pixels. My monitor doesn't have that, so it uses 1024x760 pixels and I get a black border around the picture, like you describe.

There is some experimental OpenGL-based backend which should be able to scale to any available resolution, but I don't know what the status for that one is. (I haven't had much reason to find out, since I almost always play in windowed mode myself.)
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Post by Mau1wurf1977 »

Yup as described.

You could use DOSBox, which will give you nice fullscreen. But it's a little bit more effort to get going.
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Post by Patrick »

Thanks for your responses eriktorbjorn & Mau1wurf1977

I see the logic in what you are saying, and why there is no easy solution to this issue. I am using a widescreen monitor and I understand that this is part of the problem.

I could handle borders at the side (like a standard 4:3 display within widescreen) but to have borders at the top also I can't enjoy, I have to sit much closer to the monitor to play which I don't like doing. I may try dosbox at some point but I recall it being a bit fiddly so will leave it for now.

I think it would be good to get ScummVM to be able to adapt to different resolutions / screen sizes, many people will appreciate this I think, hopefully someday it will be easily available.

All the best :)

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