Curse of Monkey Island - Screen Resolution Question

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Curse of Monkey Island - Screen Resolution Question

Post by xmatt007x »

I have several old games working (MI1, MI2, DOTT, Loom) that all are fullscreen and have been scaled to a widescreen format.

I am using a laptop with a 15" widescreen display.

The Curse of Monkey Island however when I load it is playing in a traditional resolution wherein there are black bars on the left and right side of the screen shrinking the picture quite a bit.

I don't know if this game will play in a wider resolution but I assumed since games much older than it will do so this one should as well.

If anyone has any information on how to make the picture cover more of the display it would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by clone2727 »

It's not shrinking the picture, it's just not stretching it out. Which should be the correct behavior everywhere. Do you want a fat Guybrush because of wrong aspect ratios? The Curse of Monkey Island is 640x480 and nowhere near widescreen.

Also, those other games are not scaled to a widescreen format. VGA games typically ran at 320x200 with non-square pixels, so it looks widescreen to you unless you enable aspect ratio correction.

If you really want CMI horribly stretched just to fill your screen, you need to adjust your graphics card settings. Or wait for the OpenGL backend to be complete in ScummVM.
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Post by Red_Breast »

I'm reminded of the many widescreen TVs I've seen in people's houses, because of my work, watching a 4:3 / fullscreen broadcast but either stretched or the top and bottom cut so all the screen is used. You tell them and show them the proper setting, something like 'Original', and they say something like now the whole screen isn't being used like it's wrong somehow.
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Post by Flo »

Those are the same people who bought their movies in Pan & Scan and are now ruining them even more by watching them stretched or cropped...

Some people are simply beyond help.
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