downloading games for samsung galaxy s 2

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downloading games for samsung galaxy s 2

Post by mfgain77 »

Hi, can anyone help. Just got samsung galaxy s 2, and downloaded scummvm, and it works fine, but when I download plugin (from phone) I cant find them when I try to add game to scummvm. It doesn't give me choice where to download to.
Where's best place to get games from?? Thank you
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Post by Red_Breast »

I don't know much about the latest phones so I don't know if it's just me but I'm having trouble understanding what you're trying to do.
You download ScummVM (from where?) and then 'download plugin (from phone)'. That's the part I don't get.
What is the plug in? Is it ScummVM, or maybe something to aid in the running of ScummVM on the phone's platform or is it a game?
I can only guess from what I know from other platforms. Let's take the Nintendo DS. I run ScummVM on the DS, select 'Add game' and then browse to the folder on the micro SD card where I copied the game to beforehand.
Does it not work like so on the phone? After 'Add game' you browse to the flash card or the phone's internal memory, find the folder which includes the game files and select it?

As for games has some. At the top of the forum pages is a link to GOG (Buy Supported Games)
Also the Downloads page has some free games and there are loads of Demos to play with.
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Post by eriktorbjorn »

The Where to get the games wiki page has some pointers to places that have been selling the games, too. Of course, some of it may be out of date but it could still be worth a try.
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