Jones in the fast lane no Voices

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Re: Jones in the fast lane no Voices

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PointNRepeat wrote:ok. I will buy it *again*.

Also, can I know why the voices appear on dosbox without the CD present ?
There are two sets of voices in Jones, one lower quality in its data files, and a higher quality version as CD audio.

ScummVM currently tries to play the CD audio if the "" file is present

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Re: Jones in the fast lane no Voices

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KuroShiro wrote:
Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:39 am
In the Jones in the Fast Lane CD version, all of the voices are contained in the CD Audio track. In order for them to play, you will have to first rip the audio track. There is information in the ScummVM readme file about how to do this. Try using the program CDex.

Once you extract the audio, rename the compressed file to "" (without the quotes, where xxx is .ogg, .mp3 or whatever you compressed it as).

Oh, and to properly play, you should copy all of the files from the CD to a directory on your hard disk, and then point ScummVM to that directory.
So, funny thing about this, I used the "new" installer to install the game for dosbox. ... html#Jones It uses a virtual cd to mount an ogg file as the audio track. The ogg file is called track02.ogg because track01 is the game files. But the ogg file must be renamed to track01.ogg for scummvm.

Also, if you have the iso ripped from your legally owned cd, you can mount it with Daemon Tools Lite and that also seems to work in scummvm. The cd in your drive should also. I suspect direct cd play has been added since this thread was created.

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