The Gourd of the Beans: An Unplanned Adventure

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The Gourd of the Beans: An Unplanned Adventure

Post by klownstein »

On Middle-teen-earth, a small hoddit is about to embark on a dangerous and hazardous quest. You are Frobo Baddins, an abused charity case and alleged village idiot who has been assigned an apparently simple quest, to make the preparations for Uncle Bildo's birthday party. But, from an apparently inauspicious beginning, an unplanned adventure is about to begin.

Visit us at: to download the game.


At long last, my Gourd of the Beans project is ready for release. I recruited help from two of my brothers who made significant contributions to the game. It has been a labor of love and I have particularly enjoyed the artwork that I made for the game. After all the work, however, we began to wonder if there is still a large enough audience that enjoys these retro games to continue our development. As such we started a Kickstarter campaign to gauge that interest. We would love to continue development and have already completed a significant portion of the 'next' game as well as flushed out most of the planned storyline.

If you believe that we have a worthy goal, please consider contributing to our cause. I would ask that you please share our game with your friends that might have interest in it. Further, please do not upload the game to other sites until after the Kickstarter campaign has concluded (in about a month) so that interested individuals will be directed to our website and will have become acquainted with our campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found at: ... rise-again


Also, visit and 'like' us on Facebook:
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Post by Raziel »

Good luck with the kickstarter :-)

I didn't know that "Hobbits" (title of the beta/demo i tried years ago) has made it into a full blown adventure :-)

Really great to see and more food for ScummVM.

Now we only need to get it a name in the ScummVM database ;-)
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Post by clone2727 »

The detection entry is in the master now.
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Post by sact »

Shame no Linux-installer, although Wine did handle the installer and the game itself.
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Post by Collector »

It includes NAGI for the interpreter. You can always unpack it with something like 7-ZIP and then just play it in ScummVM for other platforms.
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