ScummVM on Samsung Galaxy i9000

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ScummVM on Samsung Galaxy i9000

Post by Nonjas »

Hello, I've been trying the unofficial port for Android 2.x on my Galaxy, and I was wondering a couple of things.

Is it implemented some kind of touchpad style control yet? I used it on the Iphone version and it provided great gaming experience.

Is there a virtual keyboard enabled? I found something about pressing the menu key for a couple of secs but on my Galaxy it does open a keyboard but just for web search...

For the rest, the port is working well. Tried Indiana Atlantis and Day of Tentacle.


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Post by Bluddy »

I'm not the Android dev, but I'm glad to see you also think that the iPhone's touchpad style controls are the best way of implementing controls on a touch device. I got an iPhone recently and I agree with you.

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scummvm on samsung galaxy I9000

Post by paulmarshall »


I'm just wondering if anyone had any answers to the original post. I've just got a Samsung Galaxy S and I am new to Android.

I've installed ScummVM 1.1.1 Vorbis (not sure if it's the right one). The game ( Beneath a steel sky ) loads up fine, but I'm not sure how to use the right mouse button. Do I need to map the button to one on the phone? How would I do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Post by kblood »

I have a Samsung Galaxy S. I recently upgraded it to Android 2.2 and thankfully ScummVM still works, but the keyboard problem is still there.

I guess the only way to fix this is changing the source yourself, and reassemble it, just like the guy who made it work for 2.x did.

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