Feedback on 2.2.1pre (Beta)

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Re: Feedback on 2.2.1pre (Beta)

Post by Praetorian »

cnikiel wrote: Tue Nov 03, 2020 9:50 am I have tried 2.2.1 again on my android TV box on my FullHD TV and still have the same issues as with the 2.1.0.
I can not read any of the text as it is extremely tiny.
Looks like 5bit font on the big screen.
The games themselves work fine, but due to the tiny font I am not sure which game I am actually starting.
Is there any way to change the font for the gui or change the scaling of the GUI?
I tried the graphics filter, but that did not change anything.

Thanks for all the great work and teleporting me back into my childhood ;-)
Currently there is no manual selection. The app is choosing automatically between low resolution or high resolution based on screen dpi (and maybe resolution I am unsure). The result is sometimes not optimal, but this did fix the tiny text for some devices :)

But there is work under-way for improving this and we probably will be adding a few manual options as well.
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Re: Feedback on 2.2.1pre (Beta)

Post by cnikiel »

In that case I will have to be patient for an update.
Making this manual selectable sounds like a good idea.

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Re: Feedback on 2.2.1pre (Beta)

Post by rsc2 »

is it possible to implement the onscreen button mapping function, which has been available within SDL port? This was really one of the most useful functions to be able to map right click button on the screen anywhere I wanted.
Good job in this project anyway.
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