Cannot access game menu

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Cannot access game menu

Post by golddustpeak »

I just downloaded and installed 2.20git6966-g0350abbcc2 to my Tab S6.
I can install and play games but cannot access the menus to save etc.

I tried to select the touch screen from the midi menu but that seems to have no effect......

Suggestions please.

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Re: Cannot access game menu

Post by Kasenshlogga »

Yeah same problem here. My virtual keyboard on android doesn't have any F-keys so I'm unable to save in most games.

Also for some reason the current Android version seems to have fewer options than I remember. For instance mouse only works in relative mode and if I want direct mode there's no way to change that anymore.
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Re: Cannot access game menu

Post by ccawley2011 »

The Global Main Menu is usually mapped to the physical menu button on the device. If your device doesn’t have one, you can remap it to another button or key using the keymapper. This can be done by selecting the Options button from the launcher, then selecting the Keymaps tab. You can also switch to direct mouse mode by selecting the Control tab and unticking the Touchpad mouse mode checkbox.
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