sherlock holmes serrated scalpel

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sherlock holmes serrated scalpel

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hello, I'm Spanish and I have a Cubot X18 Plus with Scummvm installed. All games work very good but the game sherlock holmes serrated scalpel (version Spanish) when I speak with someone, the Scummvm crashed (the English version if work correctly) . I use Scummvm 2.0.0 and android 8.0.0. Anyone solution, please? In my old Samsung s4 with scummvm 2.0.0 if work perfectly.
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Re: sherlock holmes serrated scalpel

Post by dreammaster »

It's kind of hard to suggest anything with the specific error, and I don't have any experience with Android to know how to get it. Try making a fresh copy of your original disc. It may just be that you accidentally corrupted some of the data when you copied from it, or when copying it to your Android. ScummVM doesn't validate the integrity of the gamefiles before running games, so even minor corruptions can cause problems. Maybe also try running ScummVM on a PC, and see whether the same error occurs. At the very least, it may give you more details of the error then you can get on Andorid. And it may help determine whether it's a problem with your data, or a genuine bug in the Spanish version.
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