Android? Too easy! Android Wear!

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Android? Too easy! Android Wear!

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Hello, developers!

Sorry for English-I use a translator.
I may seem very strange to you, but I'm a huge fan of one of the games on SCUMM - Full Throttle. But the strangeness is not in fanaticism, but in where and how I played it. It all started in 1998 at the University, where we passed it in a few weeks with friends. Upon returning from the army in 2004, I came across your PC emulator and went through it with anti-aliasing on HD resolution. And then, as they say, it began...
I started playing this game on every my device. At first it was a smartphone Nokia E60 (push-button), then Nokia C6-00, then HTC One M7, then (oddly enough) - HTC One S. And now, having Sony Smartwatch 3, I thought-and he though Android Wear, but still Android!!! I managed to start the game. I did the summer has already passed before the battle in the gorge... But then faced with a problem that I can not get around:
1. Because of the features of Android Wear "right slide" - exit the program, so I can not move to the right without the risk to exit the emulator.
2. Any of the emulator settings are saved except for the AutoSave mode. You have to turn on this mode every time you start the emulator (because no menu or hot keys / buttons are implemented in the emulator for Android Wear).
3. In the latest versions (night builds) it is possible to switch from touchpad mode to direct mode, but when you press with two fingers - often emulator crashes.
The best implementation of the option to exit the game on Android Wear, which I saw - Reversi for Wear OS - swipe right out of the game does not exit - the option is blocked. The exit is carried out by long pressing the screen, show the closing button, then pressing this button. This could be implemented for example by long pressing for 10 seconds, so that this option does not exactly affect the output of the other control in the games.

Best regards!

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