Experience running ScummVM on Android based tablet?

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Experience running ScummVM on Android based tablet?

Post by mh »

I was thinking of getting something portable to play ScummVM comfortably. That's all I'm really planning on using the device for, and I figured an Android based tablet with a stylus might be perfect. Specifically, I'm looking at buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.

Anyone who can share their experience with a similar setup? What works well? What doesn't work? If not an Android tablet, what would the best device to get? Perhaps a Surface?


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Post by dafioram »

It works quite well on a tablet.

Note that it is more comfortable to run some ScummVM games, like riven on a table/phone than something like an early sci game that requires lots of text input and inventory item juggling/dragging.

If you tablet is android 4.x or earlier you will want to get the version provided by mim2011 in viewtopic.php?t=14516&start=0.

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