ARM version?

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ARM version?

Post by NLS »

A (stupid) question.

There are two apk for ARM.
The "normal" one and the ARMv7a one.
Question is, the "normal" one is BELOW ARMv7a or ABOVE ARMv7a?

(in other words, ARMv7a version is "up to ARMv7a" or "from ARMv7a and up"?)

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Post by digitall »

As far as I can see, the Android build targets the ARM v5 instruction set. I am not an expert, but I think this will run on later ARM chips, but at a performance hit. The Android v7a builds for the v7a instruction set and thus will not run on earlier chips, but improves performance. See: ... gure#L2210

P.S. This is usually the case as the "unversioned" variant is the older one. You then have to add the version number when you add a newer one.

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