(2x) integer scaling?

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(2x) integer scaling?

Post by theelf »

Hi, i havea 800x480 device, im looking how to show 320x200 games in a centered 640x400 (2x) integer scaling... but no luck for now

All scaling i see is in a non integer, that looks horrible

any ideas?

thanks a lot

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Post by Stremon »

I am searching for the same thing too, being able to have an integer scaling, like with many Android emulator out there :P
But so far no matter what version I try, still no luck, the display always stretch in a very ugly way, even if the ratio is hept.
It's strange that they didn't include such options, since it's included in the PSP version (well just for 1x integer scale since the PSP screen resolution is not much higher).

I wonder how hard would it be to include the option for integer scale 2x, 3x, and all in Android.
I would gladly do it myself if someone tells me where to start :lol:

On the side note, the other SDL2 port of scummvm (http://anddev.at.ua/load/scummvm_svn55436/1-1-0-7) does include those modes and even filters, but sadly it's only for the internal resolution, not the scale.
Any idea on how to prevent the screen to stretch when using this version?

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Post by sev »

Please try to test the androidsdl port from our downloads page and tell me how well it works there.


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