can't install buildbot's apk files

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can't install buildbot's apk files

Post by Mataku »

i've been having some bugs with 1.5 version that's in the play store, so i wanted to try the svns.
I've downloaded from the buildbot nightly build page, but when i try to install the apks on my tablet, it just says 'application not installed' with no other info. i've already tried all 3 different android versions but all have the same problem.
i've tried uninstalling the old version completely before installing the svn but that didn't work either.

what am i doing wrong?

edit: okay i installed it fine after i uninstalled all plugins, but now when i try to start the app, it tells me the process has stopped and i can't get into the app.
my android version is 4.0.4
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Post by digitall »

I suggest installing the latest v1.7.0git daily build from here:

There are some pitfalls to avoid when installing daily builds. They are listed here:

Please read this... especially the instruction to remove all current ScummVM executables and plugins.

To do this, Go to Settings->Apps->All (At bottom of screen) and then remove all ScummVM packages by touching them and clicking the Uninstall button on the App Info window.
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