Chromecast / screen casting feature?

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Chromecast / screen casting feature?

Post by rogueFive »

Just wondering if there are any plans to include screen casting functionality via Chromecast (or another protocol) to the Android port. It would really make my wife happy to play the Kings Quest series on our TV!

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Post by digitall »

The simple answer is no, but we are an open source project and if someone wants to write and give us a code patch adding the Chromecast API functionality, then we would review this for merging to the code tree.
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Post by jortlaban »

Several Android devices have the ability to screen cast. This will include anything you do, so even Scummvm.
ScummVM doesn't need to have an implementation for that.
The way the chromecast works, is that you simply send controll information and a direct link to the online stream, which the chromecast will then directly stream from the online stream. It doesn't stream from a device.
Since ScummVM doesn't use online streaming to play games, I doubt chromecast functionality is possible.

You could always get an Android stick (like the rikomagic series) to get Android on TV and play Scumm games that way.
I'm using this option myself and it ROCKS!!!
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Post by rogueFive »

I believe the stream can come from your device to the chromecast as well. There are a few apps out there that will cast local content from a smartphone or tablet to the chromecast. There's a comic book reader, and some games that work with multiple devices interacting with what the chromecast is displaying.

I've got a Nexus 7 (2012 edition), so I'll just wait until they enable the screen casting on it. The button is there for me but it does nothing yet.

Thanks for the response!
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Re: Chromecast / screen casting feature?

Post by myabiku »

Anyone tried and playing it on chrome connected to the chromecast?

I'll try this week.

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