v1.6.0 not available in Android Market ?

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Thank you Digitall. I didn't wanted to sound stupid or agresive, just asked about the update. ;-) Now you saved the day. ;-) Thanks :).
digitall wrote:Right... have debugged and tested the build cleanup script. I had made two minor errors, which resulted in the stable still be overzealously cleaned... and the master failed to be cleaned at all! *facepalm* Fixed now and should stay fixed. Manual build of stable running... so stable build links will be restored shortly.
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why you do not upload to your
own website
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rofikcoga: Because v1.6.0 has NOT been built by the porter.

The buildbot provides untested automated builds, not release builds curated by the porter.

Also, please can you read the forum rules please. You have already violated several of the rules and if you continue to do so, I will ban your account:
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