Jones in the Fast Lane

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Jones in the Fast Lane

Post by Brendo »

Hey guys,

Yesterday I downloaded ScummVM 1.4 from the Android Market and the add-on for SCI so that I could play Jones in the Fast Lane. Loaded the game up and have music, but there are two things wrong. There are no voices, which on it's own wouldn't bother me too much, but there are also no speech bubbles when there is talking. Has anyone else out there played Jones without these problems? Or at least without the no speech bubbles problem?

Would it be worth while uninstalling 1.4 and downloading the latest nightly and giving that a go?

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all,
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Post by das_weezul »

I don't know the game, but have you tried switching the subtitles on in the audio options?
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Post by md5 »

That game uses redbook CD audio for the music and speech bubbles. They are also included in lower quality in the game's data files.

You got 3 options:
1) Rip the game's soundtrack in a file called track1.mp3 and put it with the rest of the game's data files
2) Delete/rename the CD audio index file (can't remember it off the top of my head now)
3) Use ScummVM 1.5.0, which has a game-specific option to toggle between the CD audio and the internal sound tracks
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