Xperia Play Touchpad Mouse?

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Xperia Play Touchpad Mouse?

Post by doodinthemood »

One of the main reasons to get an xperia play (if not the main reason) is the emulators. However I'm finding scummvm a bit unsatisfying on it. That's not to say the port is bad, it's very good, it's just that trying to touch the correct things on a small screen can be frustrating, and using the d-pad feels weird.
However, there are touchpads on an xperia play that I think would work really well to control the mouse (like the way you control a mouse with that stubby thing on laptops). If this was implemented then that would be brilliant. :D
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Post by beano311 »

There are already quite a few threads asking for a similar thing (what you're asking for is pretty much mouse/trackpad support). It'll probably get added eventually...
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