Suggestion for Devs - Save Locatons

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Suggestion for Devs - Save Locatons

Post by anewhobby »

Hi, there, I have been playing around with the beta of scumvm for android on my eeePad and my Sg2, and been very impressed... (so thanks!)

One thing that is a problem though is that the save state data is kept in "data/data/etc blah blah blah" The problem with this is you wish to access these save state files from your file manager you need to root your phone or your pad, something that many users are not comfortable with.

Why would you need to access these files? Well many of the games have slight problems caused by the touch screens.. Full Throttle has the "derby" sequence for example... So the obvious ting to do as a temporary solution is to copy your save game data to your desktop and play though this sequence and then move the save game back so you can finish the game while on the go. AND unless you have a rooted phone or pad you are not able to do this.

A, "easy" fix would be a simple option to save the "save state" data in a specified directory of some kind or in the dir that the game files are found or something.

If there is already a solution for this please let me know.

Please Consider

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Post by drumhead »

hi, did you manage to install the latest nightly build 1.4.0 on the eeepad ? if so can you share some more info as I cant add any game...


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Post by eriktorbjorn »

In the desktop version of ScummVM, you can change the "Save Path" setting, but I don't know if that also works in the Android version.

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Post by goetz »

Yes, this option works. I have placed my save games in a directory of my SD card. ;)

You'll find the setting in "options" -> "Paths" -> "Savegame path".

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Post by Lan »

or i wonder if someone could write a little app to copy the save data from /data/ to /sdcard/ ?

i know unlock angry birds does something similar and you dont need root...

although the obvious thing would be to just change the save data location as already suggested

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