Wii port and Lure of the temptress

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Wii port and Lure of the temptress

Post by Ymir » Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:15 pm

Hi guys ,
I just tried scummvm on my wii and it works fine with a couple of games.
But I'm having some problem with Lure of the temptress, everytime I "click" on something,just to examine or to make some action it doesn't happends anything, I have to push another button (whatever it is) on my wiimote and games keeps running.
That way it's impossible to play the game,since I can't interact with objects or just read any comment or dialogue.
Any suggestion?

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Post by Red_Breast » Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:04 pm

I just checked the game and don't see any problem.
Place the crosshair pointer over an item. It's name will appear. I'll use the first example - the Torch.
To examine it press 'A' on the front of the wiimote.
To interact with it press 'B' on the back of the wiimote. A box will appear. For the torch you have 2 options:


You can move between the 2 options by tilting the wiimote. If you tilt it up to Get then Get will appear in bold:


If you then wish to select Get press the 'A' button.
If you wish to select Pull then tilt the wiimote down a little and Pull will appear in bold instead. When it's bold you can select it with 'A'.

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