Whats the best way to play Monkey Island3 on the wii.

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Whats the best way to play Monkey Island3 on the wii.

Post by Maxrunner »

Im using an external usb hard disk. But i have some hipcups on the cut-scenes, any way play those smothly???

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Post by Red_Breast »

Best version I've personally tried is the official 0.12 build. (note: that's not the last official build - 0.13)
Saying that I haven't tried CoMI with 0.13.
0.12 had some code/optimizations that had to be taken out of the build process after. They really help with the game.

But 0.12 doesn't have USB support. It doesn't have SDHC support either.
If you need to get a SD card it can't be over 2GB.
Also looking at my CoMI folder with just the game files needed it's 0.98GB.
The way HDDs and removeable media work I'd say a 1GB card is too small. So it has to be 2GB. Unless you do some compression first maybe but if you are going to pay for a new card I'd get 2GB for peace of mind.

I always like a second opinion. Try to find some older posts (this game has a lot of them) and see if anybody else throws in their pieces of eight (2 cents :) )
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Post by superfighter »

use version 0.12, but if you want it to run smoothly i suggest you compress the music files, actually you need to, once i compressed them the whole game ran smoothly, bar 1 tiny hiccup in the opening video. without the compression, the game was unplayable for me
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Post by Dr_Mario »

which format is the one to compress into?
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

There's multiple codecs you can use. OGG Vorbis is the best in my opinion.
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Post by Bossk »

Actually the very latest 0.13 build is the best build to use for COMI in my opinion.
It has all the features AND very good performance.
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Post by Mr_Nick666 »

It barely stutters when running of my HDD with Bossk's latest version. :wink:
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