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Javi-Wan Kenobi
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Post by Javi-Wan Kenobi »

Has anybody been able to properly play this game?
I'm trying to play it on the Wii, but it takes a lot of time to start, and it get stuck just in the begining, when the text "Transilvania 1995 D.C." must appear.

I have the spanish version of the game. I have tried with and without the mp3 files (from the conversion of the CD audio tracks). I have tried with the drascula.dat file in the main scummvn folder (F:/apps/scummvm) and/or in the game folder (F:/scummvm/drascula). But nothing seems to work.
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Post by Nvaer »

In my case I only can reach to the first frame where you can see the castle (before the text you say appears). The only way to play the game is skipping that part pressing the - button before it hangs
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Post by ICEknight »

That also happens when you leave the bar at the beginning, and when you ask the drunk guy about Von Braun. You can skip those scenes with the "-" button, but that means you won't know what happened or what to do...

Also, did the CD music play so loud compared to the speech, in the original? I can barely hear a thing they say.
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Post by superfighter »

the only problem i have is
whenever i try to bring up the save screen it boots back to the homebrew channel, the same thing happened on the pc, i had to specify the save path which remedied the problem, doesnt work on the wii though :(
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