Can't add games. Help!

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Can't add games. Help!

Post by Smijin »

So I put a bunch of my games onto my SD card each under their own folder. They run fine on my pc. When I click add games on scummvm for wii, the folder navigation thing pops up. I go to the correct folder and hit choose, and no matter what folder I'm in, it adds Gobliiins 2. It just makes more and more copies of gobliiins. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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Post by Angelus3K »

I find it asks whether the game is (Your Game) or Gobliins 2, so whatever your game is it will ask if it is that game of Gobliins 2. You may not be able to see your game as it is highlighted by the bar so just look carefully and you should see it.

Also you might make sure you have the latest version as that might have been fixed.

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