Wii port and non-native cursor behaviour

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Wii port and non-native cursor behaviour

Post by timofonic »


The other day I tried ScummVM in the home of a friend on Wii, he had the Hombrew Channel installed. I tried Lure of the Tempress.

One of the weird things I noticed was the behaviour of the cursor. I'm not sure if it's because it's emulating a mouse with the wiimote, but it's odd and weird to use.

It's a bit difficult to explain, but the movement doesn't feel natural compared to native wii cursors.

What about the cursor feeling more "native" like the native one of Wii? What about able to move the inclination of the cursor like the "hand" cursor of Wii and such?

I'm not sure if this is possible to be changed in some way or not, just wanting to discuss about this and end with some conclusion about this. Maybe it's just a personal feel and just need to be used to it in a few minutes, but it was somewhat odd to use for me in that short test.

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Post by LurkerScum »

For mii ;) it feels as natural as the normal Wii cursor.
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Post by Mr_Nick666 »

I tend to agree with LurkerScum. It feels perfectly natural for me :D Is your friends Wiimote configured correctly? (Were you too near or far from the sensor bar?)
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Post by Flo »

ScummVM's cursor movement seems to be more direct than that of the Wii system menu. As such, you have to hold your hand more steady and aim more carefully.

Maybe a sensitivity adjustment would be a good feature for those who prefer a less jittery cursor.
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