Help for installing the latest version

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Help for installing the latest version

Post by Wintergrey »

If you want to install a later version than the one that comes with the Homebrew channel but can't open the file you download or figure out what it do next, try this...

Download newest version from
The latest one is scummvm-20080605233742.gz (at time of writing)
Rename this file
from scummvm-20080605233742.gz
to scummvm-20080605233742.tar.gz
Extract the files inside with WinRAR (or your favourite archive program)
Open your SD card.
Open the APPS directory on the card.
Delete the SCUMMVM directory from the APPS directory on your card.
Copy the new SCUMMVM directory from extracted files to the APPS directory on your card.
Make sure you "safely remove hardware" before you remove your card from the computer.
Pop it back into the Wii
Load up and the rest should be easy.
You will need to readd your games though.

This might seem obvious to most but I've been answering questions about this all night on IRC.

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