Monkey Island 1 - Wii Port rev32565 (Crash & Save issue)

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Monkey Island 1 - Wii Port rev32565 (Crash & Save issue)

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Hi there,

just wanted to say, the WII Port is great and I truly enjoy playing all those games from my couch :)

I tried out this ScummVM Version (rev 32565) on my old Monkey Island 1.

It works really smooth, however there are some scenes where the Game just exits back into the Homebrew channel.

The only workaround is when you copy a savegame back to your PC and play over the scene with your PC ScummVM Version and then save it again and copy it back to the Wii.

1) When you enter the circus tent on the clearing in the first part of the game you are thrown out of the game. (There usually is a short automatic cutscene after entering the tent)

2) When you get to part 2 of the game. (There is also a short cutscene at the beginning on the ship)

3) When saving. Sometimes after the "Game saved successfully in file monkey.sxx" the save seems corrupt. When you go back to the loading screen it displays "Invalid Savegame" in the save-slot and there is no preview-picture or other info availanle and the slot is not loadable.
However after restarting ScummVM on the Wii, those slots seem fine and loadable!

Beside that it runs really well. The only thing I would wish for is some way to expand the picture to support 16:9 monitors :) And some aliasing options like on the PC.

REALLY REALLY GREAT WORK! Thanks to all you developers, you made me a very happy guy :)


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